M-Bus Logo Download

Hier finden Sie das M-Bus-Logo in verschiedenen Dateiformaten. Die Breite ist einheitlich ca. 240 mm (für gute Auflösung bei den Rasterformaten).
Die Farbe ist (egal was Ihr Programm behauptet)
RGB:         0 /     0 / 255
CMY:   255 / 255 /     0

Here is the M-Bus logo in different file formats. The width is 240 mm in all cases in order to have an acceptable resolution in the pixel formats.
Color is defined as
RGB:         0 /     0 / 255
CMY:   255 / 255 /     0

NAME (right click to download) SIZE/Bytes FORMAT
  MBusLogo.cdr 16044 Corel Draw Ver.10
  MBusLogo240.wmf 7852 WMF  (Windows Metafile)
  MBusLogo240.eps 169717 EPS  (Encapsulated PostScript)
  MBusLogo240.gif 29612 GIF  (Graphic Image File)
  MBusLogo240.jpg 256528 JPEG uncompressed
  MBusLogo240.tif 177162 LZW-compressed TIFF
  MBusLogo_fixed.eps (cleaned-up version by Karma Forester) 397262 EPS  (Encapsulated PostScript)
  MBusLogo240.svg (provided by Bernd Krueger-Knauber) 7688 SVG  (Scalable Vector Graphics)

The following logo for wireless M-Bus has been contributed by Emerson Conchione from BMETERS, Italy

NAME (right click to download) SIZE/Bytes FORMAT
  MBusWirelessLogo.cdr 15 562 Corel Draw Ver.10
  MBusWirelessLogo.jpg 49 959 WMF  (JPEG uncompressed)
  MBusWirelessLogo.svg (provided by Bernd Krueger-Knauber) 5777 SVG  (Scalable Vector Graphics)