The M-Bus: A Documentation

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1 Introduction

This document, which is based on references [11] and [12], gives detailed and actual information about the M-Bus, which is a low cost home electronic system (HES).

This documentation about the M-Bus is published by the M-Bus Usergroup, which is an international organization of users and producers of M-Bus devices. The usergroup meets several times a year to discuss problems and developments in hardware and software. Recommendations, agreements, examples and explanations are included in this paper as well as parts of the standards itself. Among other things the actual version of this document in WinwordÔ format can be downloaded from the M-Bus Mailbox.



M-Bus Usergroup:

Prof. Dr. Horst Ziegler

Fachbereich Physik

Universität-GH Paderborn

Warburgerstr. 100

Germany 33098 Paderborn

Phone: +49 5251 / 602735




M-Bus Mailbox:

Phone: +49 5251 / 603830

Parameter: 300..14400 bps, 8N1

Sysop: Carsten Bories, Phone 602750



The M-Bus (Meter Bus) was developed to fill the need for a system for the networking and remote reading of utility meters, for example to measure the consumption of gas or water in the home. This bus fulfills the special requirements of remotely powered or battery driven systems, including consumer utility meters. When interrogated, the meters deliver the data they have collected to a common master, which can, for example, be a hand-held computer, connected at periodic intervals to read all utility meters of a building. An alternative method of collecting data centrally is to transmit meter readings via a modem.

Other possible applications in home electronic systems for the M-Bus are alarm systems, flexible illumination installations and heating controlling.






§ Text parts or topics marked with this symbol are new or changed information since last version 4.7.1 of this document.

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